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Reporting Module

Comprehensive Reporting Module

Our solutions are integrated with an accounting section that also provides real-time reporting module. It gives access to more than 50 different reports with transactional information and management tools having  search functions for viewing account balances, a variety of transactions, reconciliation, performance management specifically for agents/distributors/country/currency/sender and so on.


Advanced Reporting & Reconciliation

  • Real-time ledgers and account statements for all the activities conducted by various users; the data entered in the ledgers is secure and cannot be deleted;
  • All user activities in the system can be tracked from its origin till  the end;
  • Extensive real time and error free Reporting, Audit Trails, and Data Exporting for reconciliation with automated reconciliation option, and accounting module;
  • Generate scheduled reports (weekly/monthly or yearly) for better understanding of an organization’s financial performance.

Don’t just see the reports, get customized analysis

We help you keep track of all your transactions with extensive reports that cover different aspects of your business.

Payex offers advanced reporting module to give a comprehensive overview of your business activities over a certain period of time helping you analyze the overall status for better strategic decision making.

Designed to save your time and money

Payex can be configured to meet exact requirements of your business. It is designed for managing the remittance and transaction processing system at a bank, a Money Transfer Operator, international remittance company, a financial institution, small & medium enterprise or any size of business.

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