HBS Technologies

About Us

"HBS Tech is the leading provider of multi-agent, multi-currency and multi-countries money transfer solutions to banks, money transfer operators (MTOs), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), International remittance companies and other Financial payment institutions."

Company Overview

With several years of expertise in financial solutions and transaction technology, HBS operates in multiple countries and assisting our customers and clients. Our services include transaction processing, International remittance, development of bespoke financial solutions, business management and money transfer solutions with an extensive international presence in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia & Middle East.

We invest in intellectual property, building branded solutions and creating value for our shareholders, customers and employees.

We are a “Transaction Technology Company” supporting e-commerce and mobile commerce platform for financial services and institutions. Our core business is to develop transaction processing solutions by investing in intellectual property and building bespoke solutions that will create value for our shareholders, customers and employees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop innovative, flexible, and robust web & mobile commerce solutions. We empower our clients in their commitment to provide better, faster and more secure services to their customers. 

Our Core Process

We manage entire product life cycle from idea conception, through its development and continuous support after the implementation of the solution. This allows us to engage in a long-term relationship with our clients to add value in their present and future success.

Currently, we are servicing clients in multiple countries with a track record of successful implementation of our products across 5 continents.

We analyse financial business situations, identify transformations, and then deliver bespoke solutions to our diverse clientele, both foreign and local entities including Banks, Remittance companies, Money Transfer Operators (MTOs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and other financial institutions.

Our Clients

We help bring the services of the world’s leading financial services companies, from across the globe, to virtually operate in an end-to-end remittance environment. Using PayX provides a fantastic opportunity to increase your clientele and ensure your future as a successful money transfer operators due to its unique secure and user friendly software.

Our Services

We have a solid platform, implemented around the globe, and customised according to the business requirements or geographical needs. We are developing our intellectual property while investing in our human resource to launch the company in the next phase of high growth with mPayX, Online PayX, Universal Connector, Trading & Treasury, PayXTT, Microfinance and POS solutions.

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