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In-house remittance and Non-Resident Payment processing

Banks are one of the most important sources in the remittance as they are providing legal and formal remittance channel of transferring money.

The Banking Remittance Suite, PayXTT, is a specialised product for banks involved in cross border or internal remittances. It has been customised to support all the processes of a bank in every department from sender to beneficiary while giving extensive transactional control. Also, it facilitates users to generate extensive reports to monitor remittance processing, auditing and tracking transactions throughout their life cycle. It supports transactions in:

  • RTGS
  • IBFT
  • Owned Tie-ups or Agents
  • APIs and 3rd party connections

PayXTT is one of the most comprehensive transactions processing system, designed to follow all the set parameters as per business process including administration, validation rules, procedures and compliance. It is implemented after extensive consultation and the involvement of banks’ key stakeholders. The system adheres to the rules and ensures their implementation on an automated basis. Our services include:

  • Cash Management
  • Treasury Management
  • Savings Loans
  • Branch banking and alternative distribution channels

Our technology integrated with banking system supports Point of Sale Compliance while offering local regulation for all countries assuring risk free operations for the transactions, senders and the beneficiaries.

For more information about our Banking Remittance Suite, contact us at info@hbstech.co.uk or click here.

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