HBS Technologies

Bill Payments Software Solution

Consumer bill payment is a large and potentially attractive market for payments providers.

HBS Tech provides an extended feature to PayX linked with our customers’ businesses; add on to money transfer solution, closely working with the target market, processes and systems.

PayX bill payment provides the facility to pay the bills remotely with intelligent system that allows multiple bills against one beneficiary and can pay bills for many beneficiaries at a time. PayX generates reports against each bill payment while supporting search feature for customer retention and quick processing.

Our Bill Payment Services

PayX allow consumers to make urgent payments or pay routine bills through our network to certain creditors (“billers”). We maintain relationships with billers in key industries including credit cards, mortgages, auto finance, telecommunications, satellite, prepaid cards and collections. Bill payment services also enable consumers to load and reload prepaid debit cards.

Bill Payment is an alternative way to boost your money transfer business using secure and reliable transaction processing technology.

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