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PayX is world's renowned transaction processing solution with excellent features

PayX has over several millions of transactions every month worldwide hence true to the vision making it a globally recognized solution.

PayX is the world's most comprehensive transaction processing solution fully supported and integrated with over hundreds of APIs from our global partners. PayX helps you focus on the core business with easy to use interface and easy implementation throughout the organization.

It is designed to qucikly process transactions with an extensive detailed structure as it is aligned to your business goals.

Easy to Use, Secure & Robust

  • User friendly fully automated remittance transaction processing solution
  • Allows all authorized users to access the system in a secure environment using secure & robust platforms
  • Quick processing of transactions within seconds 

Centrally Managed Solution

  • Centralized user driven rules based service, fee and exchange rates set up module, which provides improved control and faster dissemination services and pricing to all users
  • Full control on manual or automated application of fee or exchange rate margins; flat fee or percentage applicable on the transaction amount, per transaction or the volume level
  • Centralized ‘Enquiry Management’ and ‘Investigation & Communication Process’ between remitting network, payment network, customer and head office.

Customized to the business needs

  • Sophisticated multi currency based system to cater multinational money transfer operators
  • Accepts different SWIFT standard messages including MT103 via our Universal Connector
  • Flexible disbursement options including Bank Transfers, Cash Collection, Home Delivery, Mobile Top-ups, Notifications, Bill Payments, Payday loans etc
  •  Ability to integrate with 3rd party solutions. Built in connector are available to integrate with MasterCard/VISA etc.
  • Customisable Invoice& user Interface according to the business. 

Compliance for Risk free operations

  • Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) module to cover multi-country rules based monitoring helps implement robust and proactive AML mechanism on all key activities
  • Cross checking with OFAC, HM Treasury, UNSC, PEP, OSFI, and other regulatory sanctions lists in various jurisdictions
  • Document management module allows to store sender's Identification details  for verification such as a copy of Passport/Visa/Driver's License/National ID 

Real Time Tracking

  • Facilitates real-time ‘money transfers’ from Point-of-Sale i.e. correspondents/agents to the Point of disbursement i.e. the beneficiary
  • Facilitates SMS/email alert to senders and the beneficiaries regarding remittance status
  • Facilitates centralized rules-based configurations for variety of business cases around agent, customer and services
  • Provides real-time tracking of transactions and status update through centralized enquiry module. 

Advanced Reporting & Reconciliation

  • Real-time ledgers and account statements for all the activities conducted by various users; the data entered in the ledgers is secure and cannot be deleted; all user activities in the system can be tracked and traced back from its origin till end
  • Extensive real time and error free Reporting, Audit Trails, Data Exporting for reconciliation available with automated reconciliation option, and accounting module
  • A comprehensive reporting module to cover all aspects of money service business and back office.

Technical Customer Support with dedicated team of professionals

  • Timely support available for Training or handling technical issues
  • Upgrading software or implementation at client level
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