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Remittance Solutions & Consulting Services for Banks, MTOs, SMEs, Large Enterprises and other financial companies

HBS Tech is the leading provider of world’s most comprehensive financial management solutions and consultancy services. Our experienced team professionals can provide you with solutions fit to your business model.

Our products are designed with extensive research & development allowing us to innovate and build market trends for others to follow. Our solutions allow our clients’ customers to send and receive money via Agents, Banks, Mobile Phones, Call Centre, and Websites. Our solutions are developed for Banks, MTOs, Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.

Our team has developed a range of scalable software solutions to address the diverse business and regulatory requirements of our clients. We have specialized modules for every business model leading with the following features:

Transaction Technology

HBS Tech is the pioneer in Transaction Technology as our products are designed using highly sophisticated and technologically advanced systems. We provide easy to use solutions to our clients while processing highly sensitive transactions following compliance rules including country specific compliance such as USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, Philippines, etc.

User-Friendly Interfaces

Our products are designed for better management of the business and its crucial financial information while processing extensive functions of the software throughout the organization. We provide user-friendly interface for convenience to the end user, also to the client for administration.

Affordable Solutions

Our solutions are designed for every size of the business. Whether you are a Start-up, Small, Medium Enterprise or a Large Corporation, we can serve you according to the business need. HBS Tech is the market leader in providing technologically advanced solutions with complete support at affordable prices.

Work Closely

We work for the clients’ requirements and provide customisation as required to meet the specific business needs. We work closely to knit the resources and provide the best suited solution to improve your Return on Investment (ROI).

Web based solutions for remittance and financial organizations

Increasing your market share was never easy. With the help of our solutions, your customers can send and receive money on your website. Conveniently manage your online remittance business with our sophisticated solutions as all the transactions are processed in real time with compliance to regulatory sanctions lists in various jurisdictions.

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