HBS Technologies

Money Manager

Cash Management for Banks, Corporates and Retail customers

  • Cash Management Solution for Banks
  • Provide your corporate and individual customers a deatailed insight to their Banking Transactions
  • Convenience of Accessing complete set of Banking from the comfort of their office.
  • Real-time accurate position of funds, cash and money inflow and out flow
  • Provide net position, information for Top Management, Business Unit Heads and Finance and Accounting.
  • A unique configuration module gives banks to give full control to position products and services best fit for their customers.
  • Real-time processing from point of sales/collection to payments across and payment spectrum.
  • User Friendly Interface takes the complexity of users and pleasent user exeperince
  • ROI to give your bank a real comeptitve advantage
  • Scale and Budget of solution from out of box to indepth customisations meeting any scale and any budget.
  • Simple technologies, secure, scalable and reliable. Product, feature service and a responsive and customer centric support.
  • Total Cost of Ownership to meet tight budgets.
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