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A Banking Remittance Suite for Remittance Processing

Banking Remittance Solution

PayXTT is a specialised product for banks involved in cross border or internal (direct/indirect) remittances. It processes Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT), House transactions and home remittances in an efficient way.

PayXTT has proven track record in banking sector that allows receiving transactions from multi-agents in multi-currency transactions.

PayXTT is integrated with several remittance international payment networks & banks across the globe providing a connection to over several hundreds of APIs across 4 continents.

PayXTT specialises in providing your customers with remittance along with services through multi-channels such as online account management, mobile top ups, bill payments, and loans. It allows your customers to remit money through multiple channels including Retail Outlets, Agents, Call Centre, Mobile Commerce and ATM networks.


Features of PayXTT

  • Secure, flexible and configurable rule based system;
  • Country specific Compliance rules;
  • Audit Trail keeps track of user’s access and activities;
  • Accounting module maintains ledgers, statements and reconciliations for back office automation;
  • Comprehensive Management Information System;
  • Easy integration with other core banking systems, embedded team and local support;
  • Generate advanced reports including all the required reports for Federal Authority or State Bank.

Do you have a money transfer business or looking for a remittance solution in banking sector, contact us at info@hbstech.co.uk.

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