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Anti-Money Laundering System

HBS has developed a main competent of its solutions package around Compliance. We offer this module in most of our products portfolio.

PayX, offers a holistic and global perspective and insight on the transactions that makes it easier to understand and implement in various compliance jurisdictions and regimes across the world. The customisation can be done on sector, industry vertical business process and geographical requirement which may vary from country to country. We offer an enhanced compliance solution that pushes the boundaries of innovation with a risk based approach. The scalable and flexible solution enhances your business processes irrespective of the geographical locations you are operating in, while processing data in real time. It also helps minimise your compliance and regulatory risks around any miss-use of your services around Money Laundering. An Integrated and a piercing view of transactions from its inception in its settlement makes our solution a unique competitive advantage. With the ability and flexibility to further customise and meet your specific compliance risks and emphasis, Payx provides a desired truncation plaftform with an inbuilt compliance module.

With compliance rules implemented in PayX we are further capable to call external data to validate any element of customer or transaction information from 3rd party specialised data providers. We aim to enhance the experience for processing customers, authentications and the validation of documents throughout your business worldwide. PayX gives you access to the widest range of international identity data validation available in a single platform in real time across multiple jurisdictions.

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