HBS Technologies

Multi-Transactional Systems

HBS Technologies has core expertise in transaction software development from the ground up, with strong skills in developing systems covering in the entire software development and project life cycle. Over the years we have built business processes and expertise to deliver solutions to meet our customers requirements. We have development teams and operational support centres set up to work 24x7. For an in-depth and no commitment review of your requirements for bespoke or on site support and development please contact info@hbstech.co.uk.

We take the jargons out of the system and simplify the technology.


  • Saving and Loans
  • Currency Conversions
  • Mobile Payment
  • VISA/MASTERCARD enabled Forex Currency cards

Many other transactions running on our platfrom end-to-end. Each implementation is unique we work with our customers to ensure the systems works like glove in hand and is a proper fit for your business needs.

Our team’s main objective is to continue to develop and improve and simplify money management technologies as well as simplification of Administrative tasks offering Automated Reporting and increased visibility of all processes.

For further information, please email info@hbstech.co.uk

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