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Enterprises, Large Organisations or Business Groups

PayX Enterprise or PayXEnt is designed for Money Transfer Operators or large Enterprises having several agents worldwide. Our solution has been crafted carefully keeping all the possibilities in the application between multiple countries that supports multiple agents processing money transfer transactions in multiple currencies across the world.

Multiple Regional

Our Enterprise version is suitable for organisations with end-to-end, multi agent, multiple countries and multi currency based transaction processing. It supports two way transactions with multiple sending and receiving agents.

Enterprise-wide Application

PayXEnt is a powerful and reliable solution partnering with our client assisting them in smooth processing of money transfer transactions from the point of creation to the point of termination. Our expert team monitors the system 24/7, 365 days a year at every level empowering clients' business  following industry's best practices.


PayXEnt has been successfully implemented in organisations across the globe. Our clientele includes organisations from Brazil, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA and many others.

Our solutions can be customised accoriding to your requirements.

To arrange a demo session, or for more information, email us at: Info@hbstech.co.uk

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