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Payment Institution System

In the current developing market, with frequent changes regarding trends and regulations around the Payments Services Directive in Europe and other developing countries, there is an emerging sector for payment institutions. This involves simple solutions, yet robust in technology and regulatory compliance. HBS Technologies has over the last 7 years, built modules and components of solutions to provide an enterprise level transaction platform for the Approved Payment institutions, covering PSD regulations and directives.  As an end to end solution, the system covers point of sales, back office, and entire business functions within one solution. Already successfully used in many European countries along with America, Africa and the Middle East, we can provide business intelligence and most importantly return on investments.


With ability to perform real-time compliance with reliable 3rd party partners, real-time FX feed from multiple sources, full suite of reconciliation and SWIFT messages for payment prep and payment execution. A simple yet comprehensvie but detailed reporting module.

Ability to forward rates and create simple margins and Vanilla FX options.

 Fully customisable and ability intergrate in any legacy or 3rd paty systems.


SECURE and Reliable.

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