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PayX is a world's most comprehensive multi-agent, multi-channel, multi-currency and multi-lingual transactions processing software to meet the growing demands of the financial sector including banks, money transfer operators (MTOs), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and other remittance companies.

PayX is a state-of-the-art online remittance system. PayX covers the complete life cycle of a typical remittance transaction. PayX is designed to service any business model within MSB/MTO operations for clients & customers worldwide. It covers the whole spectrum of users and stakeholders including senders, agents, compliance, ledgers and accounting.

Its rich functionalities, prompt and reliable support ensure the smooth processing of critical financial transactions of the business. Our product enjoys a true global footprint with thousands of users across Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific implemented at the leading banks, enterprises and money transfer businesses, which assures PayX is the ideal choice for dynamic financial companies and institutions around the globe.

PayX manages the entire life cycle of a remittance transaction from its Sender to the Receiver. It is designed for businesses such as Money Service Companies/Money Transfer Operators, Banks, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and other financial institutions across the globe. Spectrum of users and stakeholders includes senders, agents, compliance, ledgers and accounting management.

PayX is world's renowned transaction processing solution with excellent features. Over several millions of transactions every month proves it to be the market leader in remittance solutions.

Full transaction processing support with multiple delivery and payment methods

  • PayX is designed to meet the changing industry requirements of a dynamic and fast growing international remittance and payment processing companies.

Exchange rate and Commission Management

  • Full control over exchange rates, commission and currencies with an option to set (manual or automatic) exchange rates on variable margins or charging flat fees according to the transactions.

KYC & Anti Money Laundering (AML) Protection according to latest regulatory rules

  • PayX helps you to keep all money transfer operations in compliance with the authorities including OFAC, UNSC, MLRO, HM Treasury, OFSI, PEP and other regulatory sanctions lists in various jurisdictions;
  • Moreover, PayX is designed to keep client specific checks on all the transactions & operations.

Advanced Reporting

  • Extensive and User specific Reporting Module to help you keep track of your transactions (online and offline), reconcile accounts, conduct performance analysis and much more;
  • Generate scheduled country/sender/agent/distributor specific reports to enhance your control over the business.

Rule based configuration by client for users, exchange rate, commission and compliance

  • We provide user friendly interface and solution to process multi currency and multi agent; application, fully authorized by you.

Supports configurations according to geography

  • We value our clients, thus, our systems are configured according to your need or infrastructure availability to alleviate our 100% up-time guarantee.


  • Our multi-language solutions currently support seven different languages, which are designed for organizations and users around the globe.

User Friendly

  • User friendly fully automated remittance transaction processing solution;
  • Allows all authorized users to access the system in a secure environment using secure & robust platforms;
  • Transaction processing within seconds.

Web based so can be easily accessed from anywhere by authorized users

  • PayX is designed for the convenience of our clients using sophisticated secured channels and encrypted for secure transmission of data, our systems can be easily accessed anytime by the authorized users whereas a prescribed time frame could be set up for agents.

Service & Support

  • Our dedicated technical support team, with profound knowledge of organizations based in Americas, Europe, Africa & Middle East and Asia, stays available to serve you taking into account the lingual & time zone differences.

For more information about PayX, contact us at: info@hbstech.co.uk or Click here.

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