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Banks are one of the most important sources in the remittance as they are providing legal and formal remittance channel of transferring money. Following the trend, leading remittance companies are offering Account to Account and Cash to Account and Bank Transfer as a landscape of Money Transfer.

Why Use PayX with National Payment Network?

Imagine processing all the remittance transactions reducing operational costs and time. Our solution helps in increasing margins while giving benefits, including accuracy, speed, operational scale, cost effective processing, and better quality service to remittance processing and better support for Tie-ups, customers and beneficiaries.

Setting Standards

Our technology offers single solution processing from Point of Sale to Point of Termination while directly importing transactions or using integrated third party APIs applying extensive compliance checks for risk free operations reducing structural costs, improving service quality, providing data security and alleviating fraud.
Our soultions are state-of-the-art end to end remittance transaction processing system managing an entire life cycle of a transaction allowing secure and flexible processing and faster payments to beneficiaries.

Return on investment (ROI)

Our solution helps in improving Return on Investment by alleviating operational costs in remittance processing using sophisticated technology.
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