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Blockchain phenomena is still in its infancy, Bitcoin being the poster boy takes undue attention and its wild price fluctuations and meteoric rise in 2017 has created news but also caused confusion about its future impact on traditional currency and regulatory challenges. Furthermore, other cryptocurrencies and tokens are creating mixed reactions in the traditional financial sector.


At HSB after researching and working on Blockchains and DL since 2017 we could speak with certain degree of confidence that Blockchain and DL is surefire and the future of payments and the computing power, decentralisation, and security unleashed by this technology will go far and further in the future.

Having a concrete and business centric strategy of future proofing payment systems and payment ecosystem is imperative.  HBS believes there are better business cases around which Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers can be employed to build a transitional strategy to future proof payment companies in specific and Fintech industry in general.


We have setup Fintech/DL/Blockchain lab as a separate business unit which without disrupting our existing systems is working on creating useful and secure business cases for our future product release. We are happy to announce that we have been working on IBM Hyperledger on our secure cloud researching other distributed ledger technologies to provide future proof payment ecosystems to our clients. The first use case will be in production by October 2018.


HBS will deliver 


  • Business cases of technolgy usage within our existing payment solution ecosystem. 
  • Transitional plans to future incumbant technolgies and facilitating interoperability of two ecosystms fiat and Blockchian.
  • Risk assessments of application of business cases.
  • Security strategies and mapping risk vectors to keep a proactive approach securing our tech on our cloud.
  • Minimum Viable Product to save time and hassle by applying our 16 yeasr deep industryand tech knowhow.
  • Production ready solutions conversant and adapting to blockchains and distributed ledgers ecosystem.


For more information please and to find out how you can future proof your incumbant payment solutions please contact blocklabs@hbstech.co.uk we will be happy to share our experience. 

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