HBS Technologies

Why us

Experienced Management Team

The core team of HBS Technologies comprises of highly qualified experts with over ten years in software development support and sales in various industries including media, professional services, call centres, financial services companies and banking sectors in different countries.

Domain and Industry Intelligence

HBS Technologies has industry expertise in transaction processing technology, international remittance and banking covering wide geography and culture. We implement best practices in our business processes. We have the vision and ability to understand current trends, identify gaps and turning them into future opportunities.

Solutions Team with a Speed to Market Mindset

Our team has a track record of taking a concept and turning it into a product and an intellectual asset within a short period of time. We have the expertise, capabilities and the vision to make things happen while delivering the product according to our clients’ requirements.

Unique, Cost Effective and Scalable Operational Model

We have structured our organisation in to multiple locations to minimise costs while maximising values at the same time. This business model allows us to offer our clients a premium product at a very competitive price with the help of our better skilled teams having keen interest in technology innovations and sound knowledge of finance.

Proven Track Record

HBS Technologies has acquired a unique insight and working knowledge of all the local markets in North/South America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia. We have been working meticulously with our clients over the last seven years, learning & implementing different geographical, cultural industrial and business needs.

Our team successfully serves over hundred thousand end users across 5 continents processing millions of dollars a day using PayX platform.

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