HBS Technologies

Fintech Launchpad and Consulting

HBS Tech is your business partner that helps you setup your business and achieve your goals while following all the regulations and completing vital application procedures.

With current upsugre the fintech startups, we feel we can lend a hand with vital business support, tech and market insight. Our experitse of working in 4 continets within payments and banking setup makes us the an ideal and logical ally for any ambitious start. We take care of tech whereas you can focus on brand managing, creative services and investor/community management.

We can provide end to end consultancy by visualizing your business idea, market positioning, business development and networking.

Our aim is to support you in designing, managing and executing the business concept to the ultimate conversion into a successful company. We are successfully providing the following services to our esteemed clients worldwide.

  • Back office and Call Centres
  • Best Practices
  • Benchmarking
  • Compliance Regulatory
  • Consultancy on Business Development
  • Identifying Requirements
  • Industry Introduction
  • Process Re-engineering and Design
  • Turnkey Products and Turnkey Launch service
  • Building concepts design and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 
  • Private BlockChains on cloud platform to create innovative products and services within regulated new tech world.

Consultancy and Process Reviews

HBS Tech offers consultancy on various aspects of remittance processing focusing on trends and best practices while working on GAP analysis, workshops to share potential improvements in your business and cross selling of your products and services to other clients.

We also offer business development worldwide and using client referrals helping you expand your business throughout the PayX community.

Direct/In-direct Financial Services

We provide full assistance to banks and other companies to efficiently process direct and indirect transfers instantly.

Call Centre setup for Financial services companies

HBS Tech is the leading solution provider to financial companies, financial organizations and banks. We also provide call centre setup services for your business. It is convenient for you to process transactions round the clock using Call Centre services.

Compliance, conformance and local and regional payment service directives

HBS Tech with its in-depth and continuous engagement with the payment companies since its inception in 2012 has helped developed a unique insight of how the payment service business and regulations work across the globe. This help us develop a method of common components of regulatory regime for across the board and also develop components and process and documentation to specific local regulatory requirements. Helping and handholding FCA and regulatory licenses acquisition from regulators through application handling through our seasoned and expert partners and in-house compliance and KYC team. For more information on how we can help you comply with European PSD2, Data Protection Directives and 4MLR  please contact marketing@hbstech.co.uk.


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